Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Idea

I am a mixed medium artist who is interested in engaging in conversation with other mixed medium artists.  A lot of my work has spiritually based themes.  I want to reach out to other artists who explore in the same manner. On this blog I want us to share our work, our techniques and what is the source of our inspiration. I invite you to submit one image of your work and a link to your website or blog to share with everyone. I also hope, in the future, we can meet, do shows together and in general, play together.

I'll go first.  My name is Jeanne-Marie Crede. I have been making art for about 30 years. More than half of my materials are found objects. There is a magic, for me, around old and used "things".  The odds and ends that I find on the street and in junk stores have been used through life and reflect the stories of the people who owned them.  These things become touch stones to a deeper life.  Like a talisman it can take you to a space outside of time.  In this way, my art is about my spirituality.  I believe it is the ordinary that connects us to the divine.  I have a lot in common with those religions that worship a earthly manifestation of  the spirit.  For example, every mother and child embodies all the sacred mothers and children.  My work is about my relationship to my ancestors, to the spirits that guide me, to the moments that open me up to a wider sense of the universe.  In addition to found objects, I use acrylic paint, transfers, cloth, book pages...basically, anything I can glue down.  I use lots of glue. To see my blog go to